Houses of Worship



For many years the security professionals of the Phoenix Chapter have offered our religious community a free security assessment.  Several Phoenix chapter members will inspect your House of Worship and provide the orgaization with a written report of our findings and recommendations.  In light of recent events we highly encourage religious organizations to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Traditional respect and reverence for churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples are eroding in the United States and around the world.  No longer are houses of worship considered “sacred” as they once was.  Pastors, rabbis, imams and other religious leaders are targeted for violence and are in need of protection.  Criminals, activists, and even foreign governments have become more hostile towards people of faith and our houses of worship.

In 2012, the media reported multiple assaults and shootings at churches as well as vandalism and arsons at temples and mosques. These represent only a fraction of the crimes being committed at houses of worship across America. The ability to worship freely is a constitutional right and an important part of the nation’s critical infrastructure. The threats to the congregation are diverse, ranging from graffiti and arson, from petty theft to the murder of members and religious leaders.

The Phoenix Chapter of ASIS Houses of Worship Committee is committed to assisting houses of worship by offering a FREE security survey of their facility.  Upon completion of the survey the organization will receive a comprehensive, actionable report of security vulnerabilities or issues identified.  All information is confidential and no information is released to any outside the Committee.

To take advantage of the free service, complete the Survey Application A member of the Committee will contact you to schedule a time for the security survey to be conducted.

For more information contact:

Johnnie Mock, PSP

Houses of Worship Chairman

Tel: (937) 789-4452

[email protected]