Chairman's Message

I just wanted to take a moment and send out a huge ‘GREAT JOB!’ to everyone for an absolutely awesome Southwest Security Conference and Golf Outing.  Do to the efforts of many, from those on the SWSC  and Golf Committees, to the many others on this Board who support them, to those outside of our Chapter who support us, both events were a great success.  I had many people approach me and tell me that it was one of, if not the best conferences they’d ever been to.  It was very well attended and everything seemed to go off without a hitch.  And the golf outing was, as always, a very fun event.  The weather couldn’t be better, the course was beautiful (and quite challenging), and everyone had a great time golfing and having lunch after.  It was also a pleasure being able to support the Sojourner Center and their efforts (and don’t forget – they still need volunteers this Friday and Saturday – Steve Norris has details).

 And in another way, the events proved themselves even more beneficial.  Peter O’Neil, our ASIS Int’l Chairman and luncheon speaker, was very impressed.  He commented how much he enjoyed himself and how impressed he was with the events and the work we were doing within our Chapter.  I believe that due to your efforts, our relationship and stature with Mr. O’Neil and the ASIS community has been heightened significantly.

 A special thank you goes to Dave Toon, CPP – SWSC Committee Chair, Steve Norris – Golf Outing Chair, and of course Tasha Stelljes (Uhl), who consistently amazes me with her dedication, work ethic, and thoughtfulness.  And many thanks also to Paul Schaaf, Bill Tippett, and Todd Kopcha, their partner organizations, and to all the sponsors and vendors who made the show possible.

 Finally – How can I not thank the friend of ours who brought the ultimate ‘fun’ to the party?  I think I speak for many when I say that watching Stephen Oliva, CPP PSP get ‘tasered’ was one of the greatest times ever.  Thank you Stephen, for not only your painful sacrifice, but for bringing awareness to domestic violence and for bringing the ultimate ‘fun’ to the conference.  We’ll be talking about that for a very long time…

 Great job, and thanks again, everyone!




Community Outreach


On December 9th the Community Outreach Committee organized a volunteer day at the Sojourner Center. Sojourner is one of the largest domestic violence shelters in the United States. They provide secure shelter along with a multitude of services to women, children and their pets who are victims of domestic violence.  The ASIS Phoenix Chapter and Sojourner have been long time partners.  This was the 5th volunteer day this year that the chapter has organized to benefit the Sojourner Center. 

On this day volunteers worked under the direction of Cheryl Hurd, Volunteer Program Manager for Sojourner.  Volunteers included ASIS Phoenix Chapter members, family and friends.  The project for this date was to bring Christmas cheer to the residents by decorating the Crisis Center.  Volunteers spent time assembling a massive Christmas tree and repairing the tree’s lights.  Others strung lights throughout the center, hung decorations and put in some time cleaning the center.  Several of those who assisted brought decorations which they donated to the center.  Those items donated were tree ornaments, wreaths, strings of lights and a Christmas tree.

Chapter members who participated in the event included Rich Wilson, Jordan Cote, Stan Humphries, Steven Bowcut, Steve Norris and  Rod Buckingham.  Buckingham, who was accompanied by his wife, is a member of the ASIS Saskatchewan Chapter.  Although unable to attend, Jeanette Guerra donated a Christmas tree and ornaments.

The Sojourner Center and the ASIS Phoenix Chapter have been long time community partners and the center is one of the beneficiaries of the Chapter’s annual golf outing. The Sojourner Center named the ASIS Phoenix Chapter as their Volunteer Group of the year in 2017.  The Chapter has won the Community Service Award from ASIS International for its’ volunteer work with Sojourner Center in 2016 and 2017.