On behalf of the ASIS Executive Board, I want to extend our well wishes and hopes that you and your loved ones are staying healthy. To those of our members in the healthcare sector, and other security professionals serving on the front line, we offer our support and gratitude for the sacrifices you are making to offer a much-needed sense of security during uncertain times.

We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation with an eye on anticipating impacts on our 2020 meetings and annual events. Our committee chairs have been working diligently on planning contingencies for current and anticipated disruptions to events for the remainder of the year. Below is a recap of where we currently stand for the remainder of 2020:

Chapter Meetings: As you may have noticed, the April Chapter meeting has been moved to an online format and we are keeping that contingency open for future meetings until such time as restrictions are lifted and we can feel assured that it is safe for us to gather in safety.

We wish to thank our hosts at The Gladly for their gracious consideration. In early March, prior to the lockdown orders, we anticipated voluntarily cancelling the in-person April meeting. The Gladly assured us that we would incur no financial penalty for doing so, even though at the time we would have been contractually obligated.

We would also like to thank ASIS International and our Regional leadership for making available an enterprise license for Zoom along with assurances of improved security settings on the platform.

Law Enforcement Appreciation Luncheon: The LEAL committee has been working diligently on making sure that our law enforcement community will continue to be recognized in 2020 despite of, and especially in light of, these challenging circumstances. They have been looking at contingencies and working with our sponsors to have nimble and creative options available for whatever conditions may allow.

ASIS 2020 Charity Golf Tournament: The date for this event is tentatively set for Friday September 11, 2020, assuming conditions allow. Two beneficiaries of our community charity initiative, the Sojourner Center and Homeward Bound, have been experiencing record demand for services this year and we hope to bring in record donations. The planning committee is stacked with passionate advocates for these charities and they are working tirelessly in hopes that they can make this happen.

Southwest Security Conference: This annual conference is tentatively scheduled for Friday, November 6, 2020 at the ASU Memorial Union. The Arizona Chapter of ATAP has agreed to once again come onboard as a co-sponsor for this event. We will have contingency plans for taking the conference online, at reduced registration cost, should circumstances dictate.

Holiday Happy Hour: Thursday, December 16, 2020 at the Gladly. Our hope is that, by this time of the year, we will be able to enjoy the comradery of our members, sponsors and charities with resilience, gratitude and hopes for a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Thanks last, but certainly not least, to our generous sponsors who signed on as annual sponsors prior to the pandemic. We hope that others will come on board as the veil of uncertainty lifts and operations resume at some degree of normalcy.

The ASIS Phoenix Chapter remains committed to staying connected to our members and offering timely and valuable professional development opportunities, especially during these trying times. To those of you in harms way, thank you for your courage and willingness to put your own health and safety at risk in the service to others. Please stay safe and healthy everyone, better days are ahead. We’re planning on it!


Chapter Chair

ASIS Phoenix Chapter


On January 25, 2020 the Community Outreach Committee of the ASIS Phoenix Chapter held a volunteer day at the Sojourner Center. The Sojourner Center is one of the largest domestic violence shelters in the United States. They provide secure shelter along with a multitude of services to women, children and their pets who are victims of domestic violence. The ASIS Phoenix Chapter and Sojourner have been long time partners with the chapter holding multiple charitable events over the last two decades.

On this day volunteers worked under the direction of Cheryl Hurd who is the Volunteer Program Manager at Sojourner. Volunteers included ASIS Phoenix Chapter Members, family, friends and co-workers. This day the volunteer crew was divided into three teams working in the donations center.

One team was tasked with assembly IKEA dressers which will be used by the residents in the transitional housing program. Members were able to assemble several dressers during the event. A second team was task with organizing the household product section of the donation center. In this area household items are stored and available for residents to furnish their transitional apartments with. This includes dishes, cookware, utensils, etc. Sets of these items were organized so they could easily be pulled to furnish apartments. Those items which did not fit these criteria were cleaned and moved to the center’s store.

The third team was tasked with creating welcome bags called “Night Night” bags. These bags are given to children when they arrive at the center. These bags contain essential items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes and other toiletries but also includes stuffed animals and toys.

In total 14 volunteers worked throughout the morning contributing over 50 hours of labor to the center. In addition, several of our volunteers worked tirelessly prior to the event to gather donations of clothing, household goods and personal hygiene items. BreAnna Chandler of VetSec Security lead this effort. In total two full carloads and one truck load of items were donated to Sojourner that day.

After working all morning at the center, the group all met at Lil Miss BBQ to enjoy a great meal. Chairman Rich Wilson braved the two hour wait in line to order some of the best BBQ in Phoenix for the crew.

On the following Wednesday, January 29 th Chapter Chairman Rich Wilson and Community Outreach Chairman Steve Norris returned to Sojourner Center and presented them with a donation of $1750. The donation represented proceeds from the annual charity golf outing and funds the Chapter received from ASIS International. The funds from ASIS International were the reward for our Chapter winning the 2019 Community Service Award. This is the fourth consecutive year that the Chapter received this award.

The Sojourner Center and the ASIS Phoenix Chapter have been long time community partners and the center is one of the beneficiaries of the Chapter’s annual golf outing. The Sojourner Center named the ASIS Phoenix Chapter as their Volunteer Group of the year in 2017. The Chapter has won the Community Service Award from ASIS International for its’ volunteer work with Sojourner in 2016,2017, 2018 and 2019.